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Is there a link between food packaging and miscarriages?

Published: 11 June 2005
Category: Cancer, Packaging CONCERNS, Reproductive/Hormonal Changes

According to the Guardian, “Scientists in Japan have found evidence of a link between recurrent miscarriages and a chemical widely used in food packaging.”

The article further asserts, “women with a history of miscarriages were found to have higher levels of the compound in their bodies.”

The scientists allegedly have made the connection between miscarriages and bisphenol […]


Bisphenol A and Breast Cancer

Published: 9 June 2005
Category: Bisphenol A (BPA), Cancer, Packaging CONCERNS, Reproductive/Hormonal Changes

According to, a chemical widely used in plastic food containers, baby bottles and cans, Bisphenol A (BPA), could be a factor in the development of breast cancer in women. Three US scientists have concluded that even low-level exposure to the chemical Bisphenol A alters the mammary glands of female mice, which makes them […]


Harvard School of Public Health and Phthalates

Published: 8 June 2005
Category: Phthalates

According to the Harvard School of Public Health newsletter, researchers have found high levels of phthalates in infants who had recently received treatment in neonatal intensive care units that use medical devices containing phthalates.

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California: Ahead of the pack on food plastics

Published: 3 June 2005
Category: Packaging CONCERNS

According to the Science Christian Monitor, California is considering “pioneering and controversial legislation aimed at protecting citizens from potentially harmful chemicals in a wide array of consumer products - everything from deodorant to plastic toys.”

According to the article …

“Several bills now percolating through the state legislature - two of which passed the Senate this week […]