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Purchasing habits vs. recycling

Published: 29 September 2006
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In this article, the author talks about “recycling myths” and claims that “purchasing habits” are more crucial to saving the environment than recycling itself.

The author writes …

“People are recycling old cardboard boxes from laundry detergent made with toxic ingredients and chemicals that wash down the drain and pollute the streams, groundwater and, ultimately, the ocean. […]


Is the food you are eating a “chemical cocktail”?

Published: 29 September 2006
Category: Cancer, Packaging CONCERNS, Phthalates, Reproductive/Hormonal Changes

The Yorkshire Today reports on an environmental group’s study that found that traces of toxic chemicals linked to cancer and genetic deformities have been detected in a series of tests on food.

According to the article, “The man-made pollutants were found in every one of 27 food products tested across Europe. Experts at the World […]


BPA and the Brain study gets more funding from the NIEHS

Published: 27 September 2006
Category: Bisphenol A (BPA), Packaging CONCERNS

The Business Courier reports on a five-year, $1.7 million grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) to help University of Cincinatti researcher, Scott Belcher, continue his research into the effects of environmental estrogens on the developing brain.

According to the article, “Last year Belcher and his team published two articles in the journal […]


Gender-bending chemical may cause cancer, miscarriages, infertility

Published: 25 September 2006
Category: Cancer, Packaging CONCERNS

According to the Daily Mail (UK), a gender-bending chemical that is used in babies’ bottles and tin cans, may cause serious health problems ranging from cancer to miscarriages and infertility. Although previous reports have denied that Bisphenol A is harmful to the body, the current research casts doubt on this, “with experiments showing the […]


Link between phthalate exposure and male infertility

Published: 21 September 2006
Category: Phthalates, Studies/State & Federal Regulations

This abstract, from the Journal of Toxicology [226 (2-3): 90-8], speaks of the alleged association between some phthalates and testicular toxicity. As the potential adverse effects of environmental changes on male reproductive health have recently generated much public and scientific concern, this study aims to review the existing data that supports or discounts the […]


Plastic sales plummet as “Plastic Phobia” hits in Asia

Published: 19 September 2006
Category: Bisphenol A (BPA), Packaging CONCERNS, Reproductive/Hormonal Changes

According to the Asian news publication, Cho Sun, many people are experiencing “plastic phobia” after a SBS broadcast on environmental hormones on September 10 and September 17. According to the article, the show says, “Environmental hormones in plastic products can cause menstrual cramps, genital abnormalities and precocious puberty. Heating nursing bottles made of polycarbonate […]


A Journalist’s experiment to discover her inner pollution

Published: 19 September 2006
Category: Packaging CONCERNS, Phthalates

A journalist for the National Geographic recently used herself as a “guinea pig” to discover how much of what we consume (even if we don’t know it) is toxic to the body. To conduct her experiment, she called upon Åke Bergman of Stockholm University, who did blood work to determine her toxicity levels. […]


Dr. on Today Show Warns About Plastic Baby Bottles

Published: 18 September 2006
Category: Packaging CONCERNS, Phthalates

NBC Today Show Date September 18, 2006 Time 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM

(Interview Transcript) ANN CURRY, co-anchor:

CURRY: The classic teething ring could be a problem?

Dr. PERLMUTTER: Can be. These plastic rings—

CURRY: Why? How do you know?

Dr. PERLMUTTER: Well, many…

CURRY: That’s scary.

Dr. PERLMUTTER: …of these rings actually have chemicals in them, they have PVCs and some of […]


Bisphenol A and prostate development

Published: 17 September 2006
Category: Bisphenol A (BPA), Cancer, Packaging CONCERNS, Reproductive/Hormonal Changes

This article speaks about the Environment and Ecology article entitled, “Estrogenic chemicals in plastic and oral contraceptives disrupt development of the fetal mouse prostate and urethra.” The author of the journal article speaks about the reasons why the article has gained so much mainstream attention:

“Our paper concerned the adverse effects on development of the prostate […]


Bisphenol A and prenatal exposure

Published: 15 September 2006
Category: Bisphenol A (BPA), Cancer, Packaging CONCERNS

According to Environmental Health Perspectives, prenatal exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) allegedly causes “long-lasting changes in female rat breast tissue that make the tissue more sensitive to estrogen at puberty and more susceptible to cancer-causing chemicals as adults.”

This report comes after a plethora of similar stories, linking bisphenol A to genetic mutation issues and cancer.

Link […]