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Food Industry Threatens to Withdraw Support for Proposed Food Safety Bill

Published: 30 April 2010
Category: Bisphenol A (BPA), Packaging CONCERNS, Studies/State & Federal Regulations

According to the “Washington Post,” the food industry and major business groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, are threatening to withdraw support for a long-pending bill to improve food safety, saying they are upset by a proposed amendment that would ban bisphenol A (BPA), a controversial chemical, from food and beverage containers. Business groups […]


Seattle Mariners Kick Off Green Campaign with “Zero Waste” Baseball Game

Published: 29 April 2010
Category: Sustainability reports the Seattle Mariners recently played a “zero waste” baseball game as the kick off activity for their season-long campaign to divert 500 tons of organic material from landfills, which includes grass clippings and ballpark food. During the game, concessions came on compostable plates and bowls labeled with the Cedar Grove logo and […]


“Supermarket Guru” Says: Store Spices in Glass

Published: 28 April 2010
Category: Organic Products in Glass

According to “AARP Magazine,” Phil Lempert, the “supermarket guru,” suggests always store spices in glass jars and transfer those that come in plastic to glass. New scientific research shows five spices—tumeric, saffron, ginger, garlic, and cinnamon—are good for your brain.

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Sen. Diane Feinstein Introduces Legislation to Ban BPA

Published: 27 April 2010
Category: Bisphenol A (BPA), Packaging CONCERNS, Studies/State & Federal Regulations

According to “Politico,” a brewing fight over bisphenol A (BPA) is threatening the support of a key stakeholder in the food-safety bill expected to hit the Senate floor as early as this week. Bisphenol A is a chemical used to manufacture food and beverage containers like baby bottles, infant formula packaging, canned fruits and […]


Researchers Find Second “Garbage Patch” in Atlantic Ocean

Published: 26 April 2010
Category: Packaging CONCERNS, Sustainability

The “Associated Press” reports researchers have found a second mass of floating garbage or “garbage patch” in the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda and Portugal’s mid-Atlantic Azores islands. Researchers describe a soup of micro-particles similar to the so-called Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a phenomenon discovered a decade ago between Hawaii and California that researchers say […]


Proposed Legislation would Overhaul 34-Year Old Toxic Substances Control Act

Published: 23 April 2010
Category: Studies/State & Federal Regulations

“TIME” reports New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg introduced new legislation that would overhaul the 34-year old Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) — the law designed to regulate potentially dangerous chemicals in the environment — requiring manufacturers to prove the safety of chemicals before they could be sold. The proposed legislation represents a much needed […]


Happy Earth Day!

Published: 22 April 2010
Category: Sustainability

Today is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. Do your part today and every day to help green our planet!!

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At Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary, a Majority of Americans Believe it will Take at Least Another 40 Years to Achieve “Zero Waste”

Published: 21 April 2010
Category: Recycling, Sustainability

Although a majority of Americans (57 percent) would like for the U.S. to achieve “zero-waste”—or a state where all products are reused and any trash sent to landfills is minimal—in 20 years or less, they believe it will take 41 years or more (53 percent) before “zero-waste” can be achieved, according to a survey of one-thousand Americans conducted by Opinion Research for the Glass Packaging Institute.

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Celebrate Earth Day tomorrow!!


NYC Considers Major Changes to Recycling Legislation

Published: 20 April 2010
Category: Packaging CONCERNS, Recycling, Studies/State & Federal Regulations, Sustainability

According to, New York City is looking to completely overhaul its recycling program, which would mean more materials accepted at the curb, as many as 1,000 recycling bins placed across New York’s five boroughs and an increased emphasis on collecting household hazardous waste (HHW). If passed, the new legislation would be the first major […]

Read More ›› Reports on Ways to Earn Cash for Recycling

Published: 19 April 2010
Category: Recycling, Sustainability reports on ways people can earn cash for recycling, including redeeming cans and glass bottles for 5 to 10 cents in deposit bill states. According to Earth911, you pay the deposit when you buy the product, so redeeming these empty containers is a great way to recycle, while putting a little change back in […]